Sheesham Furniture

Adbhuta is a top manufacturer /suppliers of sheesham furniture. These sheesham furniture are available in various designs and patterns. These sheesham furniture are best in quality and are respected for a perfect blend of sheesham furniture with most elaborate designs. We also provide customization service to cater the strain and necessities of our esteemed customers. All these wooden furniture exclusively designed and artistically engraved cabinets are available in the market at very aggressive rates. We have manufacture best quality sheesham wooden dining table of many sizes, shapes and designs. We have customize the design and size of the table as per the requirement. Dining table occupies a special place in our home so these are premeditated with maximum care.

As with all handmade furniture, the finish of each piece is unique and the colour may not be consistent in each piece, this depends on how each piece of wood absorbs the colour, although all items, either in the Thacket, Jali or Cube ranges will match in perfectly together. Only India can produce such fine pieces of handmade Sheesham rosewood furniture.

Sheesham wood comes from sustainable forests and is cut when it is around 100 years old, it is then matured and dried before being made into a thing of beauty. This furniture will last you for life and as it is hardwood it will withstand all the knocks and bumps from the family.