HandCarved Furniture

Indian Handmade Rosewood Sheesham furniture is made from solid sheesham wood which is native to India, it is also known as Indian Sheesham Rosewood. This is one of the hardest woods you can find and is perfect for the making of handmade furniture.

Indian handmade furniture comes traditionally in two styles, the Thacket and the Jali. The Thacket has a more rustic look with traditional sleek lines that will fit into any home decor. The Jali range has a fancy wrought iron inset which can be different depending on the craftsman and the area it comes from. Both styles of Indian handmade sheesham wood furniture will fit into any home be it traditional, farmhouse or contemporary. There is now also a contemporary range out known as the Cube range which is based on a square design but still with the warm and inviting tones of the sheesham wood.

India has a reputation for making some of the finest handmade furniture in the world, with skilled craftsmen passing down their knowledge from father to son. Indian craftsmen can turn a piece of wood into something truly remarkable and decorative using basic tools and the skills they have acquired.