ReclaimedWood Furniture

We love to use reclaimed wood in our products – it’s more beautiful, interesting, and of course more environmentally-friendly than virgin wood. Sourced from the old houses of India reclaimed wood is solid, stable, durable, and beautiful. The furniture made from reclaimed wood has characteristics of different woods like teakwood, sheesham wood, mango wood etc. It is a mixture of all varieties of woods. It brings the warmness of the history to the contemporary designs. Its beauty is unique, its durability is supreme. Whether with nail holes or clear-faced grains, these woods bring the unique charm to our furniture.

Ultra environment friendly collection. The wastage from the reclaimed wood has been used. A third generation product when it comes to earth protection. One can judge easily the amount of consistent effort required to create such a piece. Item can be custom made to suit your personal style or to suit a particular space. Our eclectic mix of furniture offers endless possibilities for creating decorative, yet functional settings for your home, office or retail environment.